While I was 22 and finishing up culinary school, I began making Nutella stuffed cookies and giving them out to friends and family for Christmas. Their excitement over my cookies was all the motivation I needed to launch Stuffed Cookies in 2014.

I started out making the cookies with my mom (thank you mom!), eventually grew into a shared commercial kitchen, to finally having my very own HQ. Growing and running my own business has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

While I love coming up with new flavors, some crazier than others (baklava cookies anyone?), I also really love interacting with my customers online and at in-person events such as Dessert Goals and Cookie Con. I’ve also enjoyed some fun press events like creating a how-to recipe video with Tasty, and making the largest cookie my oven could fit (ended up being 6 pounds!) for a FoodBeast eating competition.

Stuffed Cookies has now been featured in BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, KTLA5, LA Weekly, and more. I’ve also enjoyed working on custom projects for personal parties as well as with an array of clients including Wells Fargo, Turner, and INSP.

As my company grows and experiences many changes, the thing that stays constant for me is the happiness I get packaging up each box, knowing that my cookies are bringing joy to the person who receives them.

No matter how many batches we are making a day, each cookie is, and will always be, individually handcrafted to my vision of perfection, with just the right amount of mix-ins and stuffing. I look forward to continuing to explore my creative side by coming up with more flavors and sharing them with all of you.

Thank you for taking a ride on this cookie journey with me!

With love,